How to find a cat sitter for your cat

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How to find a cat sitter for your cat

How to find a cat sitter for your cat
What do you do if you have to leave your home and your cat is left alone? If you know that your pet is being looked after by a trustworthy person, it will be much easier for you to leave your home. But how do you find that person? The great thing is that there are many options today - pet sitters, boarding facilities for your pets, and eventually our family and friends. Depending on what kind of character your pet has, and what your needs are - you can choose which option is best.

Neighbors, Friends, Family

This option is as simple as possible and won't take too much money out of your wallet - ask someone you know to watch your cat. Depending on the nature of your cat, you can ask the person to come to your home, feed your cat, give her medicine if necessary, and play with her. The caregiver can even stay with the cat overnight if your cat is too sad to be alone. 

A familiar person is a very good option for your cat if she is too timid to go to boarding. Also, this option can be really not expensive. Your acquaintance will help you now, and you'll just help them later. Such a case can be solved for free, or you can offer some symbolic amount of money. If your neighbors have a responsible child growing up, this will prove to be a great opportunity for him to make money.


You can leave your cat in a special boarding house for animals, or in a clinic (if such a possibility exists). Staff at boarding facilities usually take care of your cat for 12 hours a day. At night, the cat will be left alone, in a comfortable and safe environment, although there are boarding facilities that have overnight care options. Boarding facilities most often work with both cats and dogs, but don't worry, they keep them in separate rooms. There are more specialized boarding houses, and perhaps the quality of service will be a little better.

A boarding facility for your cat would be an excellent choice if your cat is not afraid of the new environment, and will not be stressed by strangers. It is also a very good option if your cat needs special medical care, or medication. Boarding facilities often have veterinarians who will be able to examine your cat if necessary.

The boarding fee depends on the company itself. Boarding will likely be cheaper than a professional pet sitter, but more expensive than if you choose to leave your cat with someone you know. If you decide to leave your cat at a boarding company, provide your cat with a favorite blanket and the food she normally eats. The boarding house usually has a litter box and litter, although you can come with your own.

Cat Nanny

If you haven't been able to find someone you know who can help you with your cat, consider a professional. Cat sitters can come to you several times a day to clean the litter box, play with the cat, and feed it. Some professionals may stay at your home full time while you are away so that the cat always has a human nearby. 

There are different ways to find a sitter. You can ask your veterinarian for advice, or you can ask around your friends and family. There are also many profiles on the Internet. Study the reviews and choose the right person.

The fee depends on your area and how often the nanny will come to your home. Sometimes the fee will be comparable to the price of a boarding house, but sometimes it will be much higher if you want your nanny to stay overnight.


No matter what decision you make, invite the person to your home to get to know your pet, learn the routine, and learn how to care for your pet. Include the most important things. Number of meals, medications, etc. Get the address, number, and name of the person who will sit with your cat, and give your number, just in case.

Show the sitter where the toilet, cleaning supplies and food are located in your home. If the cat stays in boarding, you will most likely be given a special form on which you will indicate all the instructions and the form of feeding. The sitter may also send you a report or even pictures so you're sure not to worry about your pet. Boarding facilities may have cameras so you can always see how your cat is doing. If you can be sure your cat is in the right hands, you will enjoy your vacation or business trip with peace of mind.

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